A bonus of developing a new identity is watching its implementation. Most of the time, that means business cards, letterhead and website. I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s pretty exciting stuff for us. No matter how basic, it’s wonderful to see an identity that you’ve helped create enter the real world.

Word Made Flesh Bolivia logo mosaicWord Made Flesh Bolivia logo mosaic

That said, there’s something even better than a freshly-printed business card: watching the client take the identity and run. When Word Made Flesh’s new identity was first unveiled, Oxide provided some basic context. Then, independently, Word Made Flesh Bolivia followed-up with some thoughtful reflections of their own and then re-created the new logo in mosaic tiles outside their own House of Hope.

This is exactly what a new identity should do: re-energize the client’s enthusiasm about itself. Both of WMF’s actions were spontaneous and natural, and I’m proud to say that Oxide had absolutely nothing to do with it!

We’ve also heard rumors that some of WMF’s staff (including Executive Director Chris Heuertz) are considering a tattoo of the logo. If that happens (and we always support tattoos of Oxide’s work), you’ll see it on this site.

View the project page for Word Made Flesh.