Nebraska License Plate

Nebraska License Plate

Reimagining how Nebraskans represent themselves in the world.

  • Civic Design
  • License Plate Design

In 2022, Drew fulfilled a lifelong dream: designing the primary license plate for the State of Nebraska. Distribution of the plates began in January 2023, and over 1.3 million of the plates will be printed.

The artwork featured in the design of the new license plate is a mosaic from the floor of the Nebraska State Capitol. It was created nearly a century ago by Hildreth Meière, one of the most renowned American muralists of the 20th century. Even after a storied career as a world-class artist, Meière noted that she viewed her work on the Nebraska State Capitol as her most important work.

The mosaic is titled “Genius of Creative Energy”, and was selected to highlight a well-established and ongoing celebration of creativity in Nebraska. The Genius represents each one of us, harnessing the power of creativity in industry, education, technology, and the arts. The dynamic energy in the image embodies the creative potential within every Nebraskan.

Drew spent a lot of his formative years in the Nebraska State Capitol, so it’s a true honor for him to be able to design a license plate for the state that celebrates our Capitol, the brilliant work of Meiére, and the the creative energy of all Nebraskans.