Election & Civic Design

Growing your engagement, building up neighborhoods, and helping you vote.

New York State Voter Registration Form

New York State voter registration

We simplified voter registration for 19 million New Yorkers.

Field Guides

Field Guides to Ensuring Voter Intent

In a distinct honor, our Field Guides were featured in the Smithsonian Design Museum.

Morphic Drive


Branding that captures the approachable side of the cutting-edge accessibility Morphic brings to the table.

Metro Transit Livery

Metro Transit Omaha

Public transit rebranding to get the next generation of riders on board.

Nebraska AIDS Project

Saving lives, one quirky condom wrapper at a time.

National Ballot Design

National Ballot Design

Oxide helped create best practice ballot design standards for nationwide use.

Protect The Vote Poster

Voting posters

Using our design powers for good, we work to protect the vote and encourage civic engagement.

I Love Public Schools Apparel

Nebraska Loves Public Schools

200,000 “I love public schools” shirts turned an idea into a social movement.