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Zipline Brewing Co.

Zipline Brewing Co.

Unmistakable branding helped Zipline average 70% year-over-year growth for their first five years.

  • Brand identity
  • Logo
  • Retail Packaging

Even when Zipline Brewing Co. first started brewing beer, they knew that good branding and retail packaging could make the difference between great success and abject failure.

Building off their industrial aesthetic, Oxide refined Zipline’s logo, created all branding materials and retail packaging, and helped determine product specs. We built custom letterforms inspired by vintage American beer cans and bottles, and implemented a solid-looking zipline to tie it all together.

We ran the industrial cable of their logo off all sides of their packaging, creating the illusion of a continuously running zipline. This simple visual decision has made Zipline stand out from all other beer on the shelves.